• Breathe Event:

    Discovering Your Joy & Vitality

  • Your Breath is Your Prosperity

    “Normal breathing is fifteen and a well-balanced person breathes ten times a minute. If you are really a practitioner and you want to be prosperous then you have to breathe within seven and nine breaths a minute…..Fewer than that—you are a yogi.”

  • Fellowship for All Mankind

    Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru, had an experience of divine enlightenment. He was immersed under the waters of the Kali Bien River for three days. When he was found his first utterance was, “there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim”.

  • I am a Sikh

    Snatam Kaur shares
    her experience of Sikhi


Sikhs Feed People ~ Food 4 Kids

On November 23, 2015 by Guru Simran Kaur Khalsa

When I deliver food to these kids, I like to think I am serving God and Guru within each person. Last year, Food 4 Kids fed approximately 286 elementary school aged children who are...

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Remembering Guru Teg Bahadur’s Sacrifice

On November 23, 2015 by Pritpal Singh Khalsa

There are many examples through history of people who gave their lives to defend their religious beliefs. But Guru Teg Bahadur sacrificed his life to defend the right of the followers of other...

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November Dasvandh Technology

On November 18, 2015 by Guru Prakash Kaur Khalsa

Jap Man Sat Nam . This shabad brings prosperity and fulfills all desires. Transliteration Dhanaasree mehlaa 4. Ichhaa poorak sarab sukh-daata har jaa kai vas hai kaamdhaynaa. So aisaa har Dhi-aa-ee-ai mayray jee-arhay...

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SSS Excerpts on Guru Nanak

On November 13, 2015 by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

You know why Guru Nanak says ‘I am the meanest of the meanest, lowest of the lowest, humblest of the humble, I know nothing, bah, bah, bah,’ because he see the infinite of...

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Guru Gaddi Day Parade Yuba City

On November 9, 2015 by Siri Pritam Kaur Khalsa

We ourselves have a full house: children & grandchildren, in-laws, friends and yoga students. On Friday & Saturday Gurukar Singh from Bolinas – for maybe the 25 th year in a row – drives to our house, puts his...

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World Religions Parliament

On November 9, 2015 by Sardarni Guru Amrit Kaur

Being Known for Our Service The World Parliament of Religions was a wonderful environment where people of all faiths and those who were interested in building unity of faith in the world gathered together to...

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Dasvandh Prosperity Technology

On November 9, 2015 by Siri Singh Sahib Ji

Prosperity Meditation for November, 2015 SDI eNews Receiving the Virtues July 25, 1989 Part One POSTURE: Sit straight in Easy Pose with a light Neck Lock. EYE FOCUS: The eyes are closed. Concentrate behind...

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Sikhs Feed People

On November 4, 2015 by OngKar Khalsa

  Service is woven deep into the fabric of who Sikhs are. It is one of the 3 core values handed down by Guru Nanak: Naam Japo (praise God’s name), Kirat Karo (earn...

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November Numerology Karam Kriya

On November 2, 2015 by Shiv Charan Singh Khalsa

Photo of original text written by Guru Har Krishan, courtesy of Wikipedia November – Gur Prasaad – Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Word as Guru! The Naam is priceless; it cannot be taken. ...

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Seva in Asia

On October 26, 2015 by Sunder Singh Khalsa

Over the past 15 years the teachings have spread out to many countries and a community has been established of diverse nationalities, cultures and languages. The region includes the people of Asia Pacific...

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